Florence – Rest

Florence is known for its high-class manufacturing, heir of this age-old tradition, and also for its excellent yet elegant taste creations. Even at the end of the night, this level of elegance can be seen in the architecutral and decor details of your hotel room.  Stay at one of these 3 properties and you’re ensured a 24/7 Florentine chic experience.

Hotel Lungarno

Set along the Arno River with amazing views of the Ponte Vecchio, this Ferragamo property is a clear choice for the chic traveler, wanting to have the option of a variety of room types and unique designs.

Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 14 Phone: 055 2726 4000 http://www.lungarnocollection.com/en/the-collection/florence/hotel-lungarno

Westin Excelsior Florence

Traditional Italian elegance combined with modern US hospitality amenities make even the weariest of travelers feel right at home at this Arno River side hotel.  You can’t miss the opportunity for people watching and river gazing from your balcony along the river.

Address: Piazza Ognissanti, 3 Phone: 055 271 51

Villa Olmi Resort

Situated amongst beautiful gardens in the hills surrounding Florence, this Italian villa turned luxury resort can provide a relaxing escape after a busy day of sightseeing in the city center.  Be sure to check out the wine cellar for a private tasting.

Address: Via degli Olmi 4/8, 50012 Bagno a Ripoli   Phone: 055 637 710

2 responses to “Florence – Rest”

  1. From you fellow Florentine heat-waved, einformcd!! Here, we are supposed to have hot summers, but such a hot end of August was unbelievable. A stretch of some ten days when temperatures consistently were measured above 40 deg. C in town. Absolutely horrible, except for Texan tourists who, I imagine, arriving here didn’t find much of a differenceThe funny thing is that in the news they keep using the term “nice weather.” Nice weather? This weather is trying to bite at us!! And if it is a sign of times to come (which it is) it is very, very, bad


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