Weightless Baggage – 2011 Euro Summer Beats

One thing that I’ve always loved about European culture are the dance clubs and night life. The parties go on until way past my bedtime, but the music and vibe is so electric that I fail to notice the clock or any sign of sleepiness.

Long after the hangovers wear off, you can still detect these songs from car windows passing by or wafting out through the open doors of an H&M boutique.  For me, one of the best ways to remember a trip is via music, so these here are a few of the songs that I’ve picked up in my travels throughout the Summer of 2011…guaranteed to leave a smile on my face months later!

  1. Hello – Martin Solveig & Dragonette
    Youtube Video
  2. Kaskade – 4 AM (always a classic)
    Youtube Video
  3. David Guetta featuring Rihanna – Who’s That Chick?
    Youtube Video
  4. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World
    Youtube Video
  5. Chris Brown featuring Benny Benassi – Beautiful People
    Youtube Video

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