Florence – Drink & Be Merry!

If the town of Florence had a Homecoming Prince, it would be my local friend Urbano Brini, who knows everyone and everywhere to go, worth going.  His input has been invaluable for my multiple trips to Florence and should keep you well entertained for your visit.

Gypsy Tips:


Bar & Lounge with an eclectic setting best described as a library meets an art gallery meets an hole in the wall bar. Find a seat and enjoy the unique surroundings or the quite often live music.  Whomever is playing, you’re guaranteed to hear a mix of popular English language songs, a few Italian numbers and always one or two Sting covers…an homage to the honorary Florentine resident.

Address: Piazza Santo Spirito, 5r Phone: 055 238 1460


Ultra chic lounge and bar with amazing views atop the Ferragamo owned Hotel Continentale. Fantastic option for a sunset drink while lounging on one of the outdoor chaises.

Address: Viccolo del Oro, 6R Phone: 39 055 27262



Tiny wine bar with a great ambience and even better gem of a back room where live music meets open mic night.  There is also a great selection of aperitivos to try out if you arrive early in the evening.

Address: BorgoOgnissanti, 42 Phone: 055 217 791

All’AnticoVinaioFedra& Daniele

Although best known for enjoying wine and mingling with locals ages 25 – 85, at the stand up / street side bar, this spot is a must to try some of the aperitivos as well, so arrive hungry as well as thirsty.  Not to miss are the porchetta sandwiches and the many crustinis with toppings.

Address: Via de Neri, 65/r Phone: 055 238 2723

Golden View Open Bar

Whether taking a few drinks w/ friends on the café side or enjoying dinner, drinks and live jazz on the restaurant side, this chic and minimalistic setting is the perfect place for a lovely night and magnificent views of the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio.

Address: Via de Bardi, 58/r, Ponte Vecchio Phone: 055 214 502

Local VIP Faves:

UrbanoBrini Co-Founder / Director,
Florencetown, tourism made in Tuscany!

Address: Via de’ Lamberti, 1 Phone: 055 012 3994

The Fusion Bar 

Great hip, trendy bar and lounge that draws an equally elegant after work local crowd as well as tourists “in the know.”  One of the few places where you can find true mixologist created cocktails in Florence. Located downstairs from the Gallery Hotel Art.

Address:  Viccolo dell’Oro 3  Phone:  055 2726 9687


Colle Bereto Café

Whether you’re in the mood for  an afternoon drink or coffee in their comfortable lounge inspired outdoor café or perhaps more of a party scene at the bar or upstairs VIP Room, stopping by Colle Bereto is never a miss.  This is the only place in town where I’ve been know to party all night, as Florence has a relatively early nightlife scene, apart from the few clubs where students flock.

Address:  Piazza Strozzi, 5 rosso   Phone:  055 283 156


Gucci Museum Bar

This newly opened museum to fashion hosts a an equally chic caffe where it’s great to go for a lovely evening drink.

Address:  Palazzo dellaMercanzia, Piazza Signoria

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