Barcelona Drink & Be Merry

From bar hopping in El Born to clubbing until the sunrise, Barcelona’s nightlife has something for everyone.  I myself love a place where I can get done up for a night on the town, and this is exactly my town for that type of scene.

Opium Mar

Whether you’re looking for early evening drinks by the sea and a chill vibe or late night dancing until the sun rises, you can satisfy both appetites at Opium Mar.  VIP Table service is a must unless you want to be bumping shoulders with the many 18-22 year olds packed in here on the average night.

Phone: 902 267 486


When the beautiful people head indoors for the cooler months, this is where you’ll find them.  Located in the ritzy Sant Gervasi neighborhood, Nuba is rarely recommended by hotel concierges as it’s a bit up the hill but well worth the trip for this chic indoor / outdoor lounge setting.

Address: Dr. Flemming / Santa Fe de Nueva Mexico  Phone: 932 411 720

Wet Bar at the W Hotel

Take in the gorgeous views of the beach while lounging on a poolside bed. This scene is hip day or night and significantly more upscale than any of the other beachfront venues. My recommendation, reserve a poolside bed around 8:00 pm on a Sunday evening and enjoy the scene, the drinks, the music (usually a live funk band or dj) and many drinks!  No matter what your taste, Bohemian Chic, Jetsetter, Laid Back, you’ll be happy at Wet Bar.

Eclipse Bar at the W Hotel

On top of the world in Barcelona. It’s intimate and rarely overcrowded (except for the occasional Sunday late night), yet always filled with the right people and the best music.  Sunday nights reign, but DJ Kris White and his HairclubEstilistes are now making Thursdays Fashionably Late just as chic. If you’re not the late night clubbing type, check Eclipse out for their Sunday afternoon Yum Cha dimsum cocktail.

Address: Placa de la Rosa del Vents, 1, Final de Passieg de Joan de Borbo  Phone: 932 952 800


Club Astoria

My neighborhood “go to” club and one of the best nightspots over the winter months.  Here you’ll find sumptuous velvet lounging spaces and seductive lighting. Depending on the night you can find a chill after work party or a pull a late night bender on the dance floor.

Address: C/ Paris 193 – 197  Phone:  934 144 799

Slow Barcelona Club and Cocktail Lounge 

The only true Mixology style bar that I’ve come across in all of Barcelona.  At Slow, you can ask for about any drink you can imagine and they do it right!  You’ll also feel quite comfortable in the elegant but intimate bar setting, or if you choose to take it up a notch, there’s a club setting as well right downstairs.

Address:  C/ Paris 186   Phone:  933 681 455

Bar Foc

The tiny gem of a bar amongst the tourist traps that line the port.  Bar Foc is a great place for a chill drink with friends or an ideal pre party before making it out to the clubs along the beach.  It’s always packed with a nice, international crowd on weekends or any night that there’s a football game going on.

Address:  Joan de Borbo, 66   Phone:  932 241 153


It’s mainly locals at this posh neighborhood nightclub. You can always count on a packed dance floor, so hitting that is a must, or reserve yourself a table in the VIP area for a little more space to ensure you’re not wearing your drink at the end of the night.

Address: C/ Tuset, 13 Phone: 670 547 946

Local VIP Faves:

Josep Maria Ferret Guasch

Address: Barril’Alzinar, 68 (Bústia 25) E-08736 Font-Rubí (Spain) Phone: 93 8979037



Where an eclectic crowd meets eclectic décor. Great place for a variety of drinks in the afternoon and good music, quite often live band or dj in the evenings. The ceviche is not to be missed for a snack.

Ra is right in the heart of the growing underground Jazz bar and live music bar scene in Barcelona’s Raval neighborhood.

Address: Plaça de la Gardunya, 3 (Behind Mercado de la Boqueria) Phone: 615 959 872

Palau DalmasesEspaiBarroc

A baroque mansion converted to a cozy live music venue. You can find anything from jazz to opera here depending on the night.  This is the perfect place to combine a few drinks with culture early on before going out barhopping in The Born.

Address: C/Montcada, 20 Phone: 933 100 673

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