Port Douglas, Australia – Dodging a Bullet Down Under

I’m a rules girl, always have been, always will be.   This applies to my personality in dating as well as many facets of my life.  So, what was I thinking when I decided to fly across the world to Australia to visit a guy? Have I forgotten one of my Ten Commandments of Dating?  “Never travel to see a guy before he travels to see you.”  Obviously my spontaneous side coupled with my desire to see a new continent got the best of my sensible judgment.

Although the majority of the trip was planned for Sydney and it’s surroundings, I couldn’t have been happier that I made a last minute decision to check out the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest on my own.

Landing at the Cairns airport and embarking on the 1 hour drive north to Port Douglas, I was shocked at how remote this area was.  I guess that’s a good thing in terms or preserving two of the world’s greatest natural wonders.  The remoteness was then taken up a notch when arriving at the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, expecting to freshen up before hitting the lagoon for an afternoon of sunning and relaxation, yet being told that it wasn’t possible to check in due to an all day electrical outage.

Being ever the resourceful JetSetter, I negotiated with the front desk attendant to provide me with two $50 resort food and beverage vouchers to compensate me for the hardship of sitting by the lagoon and not being able to enter my room.  Luckily, salads were still being served in the kitchen and my resort voucher was just enough to cover a bottle of champagne poolside.  Hmmm….I could get used to this no electricity thing….Did I mention I’d be staying at the Hotel Eden Roma next…Hint! Hint! Just in case anyone wants to short circuit the power box upon my arrival, while conveniently having the champagne chilled.

Finally arriving in my suite, properly bronzed and a bit tipsy, 5 hours later, the electricity was fully restored and on my coffee table was a welcome basket with yet another bottle of champagne, surrounded by a fruit, cheese and chocolate platter.  I just love it when the hotels confuse me for the honeymooning couple.  Instant pajama party for one, including bubble bath in massive in room jacuzzi…check!

Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

So you may be wondering…did I make it to the Great Barrier Reef? Of course I did!  It was hands down my best day in Australia, partially due to the amazing catamaran and snorkel tour that I booked with Aquarius Sail & Snorkel as well as the beautiful weather and views that we had on the reef.  It also didn’t hurt that I made some “post snorkeling” drinking buddies with a cute British guy Andrew and his lovely parents Trish and Alastair.  Later that evening, we met up for dinner, plenty of wine, and we’re still in touch till this day.

Ahh, yes…returning to The Dodging of Bullets , I can’t totally divulge whether I were the bullet being dodged at some point in Sydney, or if I took the opportunity to fly up north, being the dodger of a situation, or perhaps a little of both.  I guess I’ll just leave that one up to reader speculation.

2 responses to “Port Douglas, Australia – Dodging a Bullet Down Under”

  1. and I am very proud that you went to Australia to meet him, because its important to be sorry for the things we do not for the ones we never did!!! so congratulations ❤


  2. Thanks Ilse!  I totally agree, and have no regrets about that trip.  I guess we’re not really living if we’re not taking risks from time to time.


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