Hong Kong – Next Time I’ll Stay Sober

Perhaps I was doomed from the beginning, boarding my 9 hour fight from Sydney to Hong Kong and feeling a bit robbed of the full Australia nightlife experience.

I immediately took it upon myself to make up for lost times and once settled into my business class seat of my Cathay Pacific flight, put my feet up and soon had a refreshing beverage in my hand, compliments of the most attentive cabin crew thus far in my travels.

Knowing that I was to arrive in Hong Kong and be picked up by my local friend, Marc, who is quite “In the know” of the nightlife scene, it didn’t phase me if I were to arrive slightly buzzed … and then some, nor did it phase the helpful flight attendants, as they served me one “Pacific Sunrise” signature drink after another.

Although my 12 hours total in Hong Kong included a couple hours worth of an initiation drive of sight seeing around the city and it’s surroundings, the three main things that I recall most clearly from this leg of my trip were the following: 

1. The massive humidity that smacked me in the face, immediately after exiting the airport.

2. The incredible view of the city skyline and Victoria Harbour at night from the top of the American Club terrace

3. The speed at which I was able to get through security and to my departing gate of my flight to London – 10 minutes tops!

Quite possibly, I could have shaved off another minute from #3, but did stop running about 5 gates prior to mine in order to gather my composure and give my best attempt at disguising my drunkenness. 

Apparently it worked.  I didn’t open my mouth once until the plane had taken off, and once securely in the air, I slipped away to freshen up in the bathroom while the flight attendant prepared my bed.

Waking up slightly hungover, 10 hours later and being served breakfast prior to the plane preparing for landing, I thought to myself, “Was I really just in Hong Kong?”  At least I have the stamp on my passport and a few photographs to prove it.

Marc, I promise I’ll be back for more!

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