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The Birth of Excessive Baggage – One Injured Gypsy, One Very Long Trip and Always Somewear To Be

When faced with the reality of being a Jetsetter Gypsy, needing to look chic and of the moment in any scenario, yet, having injured my back during my last massive multi-destination tour of 3 months, I’m vowing to no longer carry my 2 checked bags (one 50 pounds and another 75 pounds) in addition to my carry on “office”.

From now on, or at least the near future until I can permanently employ a sherpa to carry my baggage, I’ve decided to present myself with the personal challenge of traveling with the same carry on roller bag and one 50 pound checked back. Ok, ok…also a large Longchamp “Le Plage” bag, for any emergency purchases along the way.

Of course, now embarking on my first major trip since enforcing this new rule on my lifestyle, I’ve had to pool my resources and reach out for professional help, being that of friend and fashion blogger at Somewear To Be, where together we’ll conquer my greatest wardrobe / packing challenges.

First up: Packing For A Long Trip – 6 Weeks Travel (March 14th – May 1st) – LA, Los Cabos, Todos Santos, Puerto Vallarta, Charleston, SC, Washington, DC, Umbria, Rome and Milan Italy. The greatest challenges being change of season and a wardrobe for any occasion from beach to professional as well as chic evening wear. Mission accomplished as I’m on my way, and have fit everything into my limited luggage. Check out the contents of my baggage in the first meeting of minds of two fashionistas, Jetsetter Gypsy and Somewear to Be.

For more info on where to purchase these amazing looks, click through to Someweartobe.com


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Anonymous says:

I always have a hard time packly lightly, it is rough being a lady! I travelled for 2 months with a 40L pack the whole time, everything I owned inside. It was rough. From now on, suitcase it is! Great article!

JetsetterGypsy says:

Thank you for your feedback! I’m much more of a suitcase traveler, although I have experienced the backpacking lifestyle as well, after I graduated from the university. Now, I could never do backpacking again, and I still have challenges fitting my things into a large suitcase.

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