Ibiza – When Usher Calls

There are few things in life that will make me outright change my travel plans.  Apart from clients cancelling or needing to reschedule meetings for business travel, I find it to be a huge “No No” on my travel rules to make changes to my flights, hotel, etc…

So, basically this was a first.  As I was planning a business trip to Italy this summer and a second business trip to the Balleric Islands of Spain, more specifically, Mallorca and Ibiza, I suddenly found myself scrambling to fit the two countries together into one week because of one thing…a VIP Usher & David Guetta private concert and pre album release party.

Often falling on the side of gypsy over jetsetter, I instantly became resourceful to change my tickets…luckily the fines weren’t too steep and of course knew that I could work the hotel accommodation changes, as the invite to the Usher party came from my friend Linda, owner Ushuaia Beach Hotel, where I was planning on staying and also where the concert was to be held.


This stop off in Ibiza was basically enough time to see friends, enjoy the concert and hit up every one of my favorite spots in a quick 48 hour whirlwind of parties, beach and even accomplish a bit of work. 

I knew it would be hectic from the moment that I arrived at Ushuaia, so I had concentrated on planning out my whole wardrobe on the plane flight over from Rome, might I mention, the Vueling / David Guetta  co branded “Fly Me I’m Famous”, ultra hip flight.  My concentration levels weren’t exactly at 100% as I was having to deflect the attention of the guy next to me in order to take care of serious business, but I got the job done.


Two hours later, after landing, receiving my VIP bracelet at Ushuaia upon check in and enjoying a few glasses of wine via my mini bar, I was primped, changed and ready to go…albeit a bit more scantily clad than normal, after all, this is Ibiza.


The sun was still shining on the amazing pool deck / concert venue when I made it to my balcony to check the scene before going down.  Pete Tong was warming up the crowd, as if he doesn’t have enough clout of his own on the island.


By the time I made it down to the backstage entry of the VIP area to meet up with friends Linda and Abel, David Guetta was on stage and I was enjoying drinks surrounded by the likes of Erick Morillo, Kathy Guetta, and one Uruguayan tennis player and his charming brother, amongst other special guests of the moment.


Usher and David Guetta’s debut of their song, Without You, was nothing short of fabulous and the surprise cameo of Ludacris for a few songs topped off the night.


This once in a lifetime concert was clearly the highlight of my visit to Ibiza, but I do attribute my ability to wake up early-ish the next day and make it to Blue Marlin beach club by the early afternoon to one thing…the amazing brunch that at Ushuaia!  It’s the best in Spain for sure, and the true remedy to my hangover.


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