Tipsy Gypsy

Cheers To The Tipsy Gypsy

Only on St. Patrick’s Day does beer become one of the most important ingredients to a cocktail that everyone must drink.  Of course, beer is a great stand alone drink for the day’s festivities, Guinness even better and a green beer, well, if you don’t mind sporting the colored mouth for the next 24 hours, it takes the cake, or the pot of gold shall we say.

For me, a green beer cocktail was an instant no brainer as I merely had to get the right shade of green to work with a refreshing beer cocktail invented a couple of summers back, by my brother, Jeff.  So, after swaping out this mixer for that, and a few tweaks on portion size, plus the ever important, green food coloring, the Tipsy Gypsy beer cocktail was born.

Want to enjoy the same cocktail that I’ll be sipping off of all weekend long?

Here are the simple steps to getting tipsy with the Tipsy Gypsy:

1. Fill a pint glass half way with ice.

2. Pour half of a Blue Moon beer into the pint glass.

3.  Pour 1 shot of Amaretto di Saronno into the pint glass.

4.  Splash a bit of lemonade, approximately 1 shot, my preferred, San Pelligrino Limonata with its slight carbonation.

5. Add 1 tiny drop of green food coloring.

6. Stir with a spoon until the green color is distributed evenly.

Cheers & Enjoy!




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