Playa del Carmen, MX – Never Too Old For a Pajama Party

In the midst of my crazy travel schedule and being Maid of Honor in my best friend’s upcoming wedding, I was able to squeeze in a relaxing girls weekend in Playa del Carmen, for some much needed catching up and pampering.

To the outsider this would look like a frivolous trip squeezed into an already hectic schedule, but I saw it as the opportunity to breathe for a weekend in pure luxury between client meetings in Mexico City and the big Wedding extravaganza in Miami, a week later.

My local friends Daniela and Ilse picked me up after arriving into Cancun airport and we immediately headed south for Playa del Carmen, more specifically the Azul Fives resort, a few miles north of town.

Immediately after arriving at the resort to our amazing 2 bedroom condo, we popped the bottles of champagne, went out onto our terrace in paradise and began our “100 Chapter Chat” aka girls drunken bitch fest of relationships gone awry over our past 6 months.  I don’t know what felt better, the numerous bottles of champagne and wine downed that afternoon into night, the private chef prepared gourmet dinner or just getting it all off of our chests.

Waking up the next morning after our pajama party, we all felt like new women, albeit a bit hung over…nothing that an amazing room service breakfast with a few mimosas couldn’t cure.

The day was lovely on the beach full of sun and mojitos, which made our transition into our night out on the town ever so smooth.  Dressed to kill and with the weight of the “ghosts of boyfriends past” released the previous night, we set out to conquer Playa.

First stop, Diablito ChaChaCha, a staple for a great bite to eat and cocktails prior to hitting the clubs.  Somewhere along the way, things got fuzzy.  Whether it was our deviating from the original plan to go straight to the hot rooftop club Santanera, due to meeting a few characters and grabbing drinks with them at Mandala (normally a solid nightclub with a decent crowd).  Or maybe our hours of drinking under the sun were starting to just grow on us.  We eventually hit up our final destination and as we were being escorted to our VIP table at Santanera, complete with a bottle of Grey Goose and mixers, somehow, not so magically , a brick wall must have appeared in our path.

We probably lasted about 30 minutes more.  Enough to down a drink each while attempting to shake our stuff, coyly check out any “potential” in the room and keep our balance on 5 inch stilettoes.

Well friends, you can’t win them all.  After fighting the good fight, and stumbling a few times along the way, we decided to retire, with the only significant guy story of the night being more of a comedy than a romance.  The “Yanni on Crack” look alike guy who was gyrating on top of the speakers of Mandala became the target of our late night drunken charades game.  At least that thought left us doubled over in laughs well through the next day.

Of course the only possible cure for our massive hangovers was a huge in room brunch then heading out to Canibal Royal for an afternoon of sun, aguachiles and micheladas.

*Inspired by my travels to Playa Del Carmen, I’ve teamed up with Braccialetti Cruciani to create the perfect wrist look for this destination.  Gypsy Love’s Cruciani, “Accessorizing my way around the world, one Cruciani Bracelet at a time.”  

Hope to see you rocking this look next time you’re in Playa!

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  1. Ha-ha to both comments! It was a balmy 28 to 32 degeers celsius every day and my beer got uncomfortably warm within 10 minutes forcing me to follow two different strategies:1) Drink it fast or2) Order a margarita instead, as the ice keeps it cooler a bit longer!


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